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NEPA Pirates Covid-19 Action Plan:


Pursuant to the US Lacrosse Return to Play rules and the Governor’s Office of Pennsylvania the NEPA Pirates will:


  • Only hold practices ( outside) within the Guidelines  Green Phase(no more than 250 people for gathering and youth sports).
  • Practices will be held in concurrent to the Return to Play Stages set by US Lacrosse.
  • Every athlete, official and coach should be symptom-screened prior to each activity.  Ensure players, coaches and officials are symptom free and feel well. All are clear to play if not symptomatic, able to perform at prior levels, and screen negative on any screening questions.
  • Someone will be asked to serve as designated safety or hygiene manager, if possible, they should ideally have some medical training (athletic trainers, nurses preferred). It’s okay to give a lay person the responsibility of screening everyone, keeping documentation for contact tracing/legal if needed. Follow EAP and CAP (see COVID-19 action plan) and enforce restricted play area. This person must have a US Lacrosse membership and stay through all practices.
  • Temperatures will be taken prior to, during and after practice by the Hygiene Manager with a contactless thermometer.  If a player or coach has a temperature of 100.3 they will not be able to participate in any practices until they are either cleared or do not show symptoms.
  • If there is a dispute that occurs between the hygiene/safety coordinator on-site at a practice and a participant (i.e: if an athlete displays any symptoms on-site and is pre-screened and cleared by parent to participate, or if an official who is symptom-free, shows up to work but after an on-site temperature check has learned he/she has a fever), it is the ultimate responsibility of the on-site hygiene/safety coordinator to determine if the participant (athlete/coach/official) is cleared to play. 
  • All coaches will wear Masks during practices and games.
  • Players must come to field with all equipment ready to play.
  • All players/coaches will bring their own Water or Drink.  No one is to share.
  • All contact such as high fives, fist pumps or handshakes will not be permitted.
  • Hand Sanitizer will be provided to use before and after practice.
  • The only equipment a player should touch is their own. Balls should be picked up using their stick. Coaches will pick up cones and move goals.
  • Equipment bags will be spaced out accordingly on the field for each player.  It is encouraged that the player gets out of the car ready to play with equipment on.
  • Do not bring your child if you or they are sick or recently sick. (See general guidelines below) 
  • Complete screening questions prior to play conducted by HM.
  • Parents please understand your limited participation in practice and games and need to stay in car
  •  No congregating during drop off/pick up
  • All players are required to Wipe down all equipment.  Coaches will wipe down balls and other equipment prior to and after practices.
  • Coaches will educate children about need for social distancing and what they should do to protect themselves (hand washing, not touching others, keeping 6-feet apart)
  • In Stage 3,4 & 5 there may be some player contact on the field of play due to the nature of the sport.
  • Coaches will work with Tournament Directors and pass on to all parents the necessary Covid-19 guidelines for each tournament.
  • A plan for practices, games and warmup, being cognizant of spacing required for groups and teams will be sent to parents prior to practice as applicable.
  • All parents will be asked to sign the Waiver/Release for Communicable Diseases Including COVID-19
  • No food at practice unless medically necessary. I.e. Diabetes.


Please review the US Lacrosse return to play at: 




The Hygiene Manager will be communicated via email to all parents after selection.


A 2nd hygiene manager will be appointed if the first one is unavailable.


The coach will keep all paperwork associated by the Hygiene manager


The coach will be the primary contact

If a player/coach contracts Covid-19 an email will be sent to everyone who came in contact with this person at practice or at a game.  The coach will communicate with this individual about contacts at practice, when he/she were tested and who they came in contact with.


No name will be given out of person with Covid-19.


If a coach contracts Covid-19 he will be guaranteed for at least 14 days after getting tested. The primary contact/coach will communicate will the team.

For the NEPA Pirates teams this will be Bob Ide-570-479-3898

The secondary contact will be JJ Mullin or Bob Vanderheyden.